Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Today is a day off from running, which is typical for me the day after a race. Also, as it continues to rain for the 3rd straight day, I didn't feel like getting soaked to the bone again, so it is probably for the best!

As this is the last day of April, I can total up my monthly mileage. I put in 80 miles this month, which is about 10 miles less than in March. I was kind of puzzled by that, but after looking at my month, I had 2 races, and I always take a day off before and after a race, so that accounts for the difference. Mileage will start to increase in late May as I begin my marathon training!

It is a lazy day today. The weather stinks, so you can't go outside. The NASCAR Aaron's 499 race at Talladega appears as if it will be a rainout all the way down there in Alabama as well, so I probably will not get to watch any racing today either! Otherwise, I have a pot of red sauce with beef and Italian sausage meatballs simmering away for dinner. It smells great in here! I am looking forward to a relaxing evening, and will resume running after work tomorrow.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Let It Rain...

I understand we are in need of rain. But did we have to get it all at once?

It has been raining steadily for the last two days now. Looking at the radar, we are just getting “freight-trained” by a sloppy system moving up from the south, and there is no end in sight. The weather gurus are predicting rain until Tuesday!

The only reason I mention this is because this morning I ran my first race in the rain! I have run a race in a snowstorm before, but never rain. This was a first; which, incidentally, brought another first for me.

Today was the Tornado Trail Mix 5k in Anoka. It is a race that benefits the Anoka High School Track and Field teams. The course runs on some paved paths that eventually lead to some wooded trails before returning to the school. Kind of a “mix” of asphalt and dirt trails, hence, the name of the race!

The course was rolling and rarely flat. There were no huge hills, but it was enough to affect your rhythm. The trails through the woods were sandy in some areas, so it was not a fast course. Add a driving rain and 20-30 MPH winds, and you have a challenging day to run! But it was a pretty course, and the organizers and volunteers were awesome, so that made up for the weather issues.

The other “first” for me that I mentioned earlier? For the first time ever, I finished 1st in my age group! Not my fastest race ever, but it was fast enough on this day. Another milestone. Very satisfying.

I should run in the rain more often! :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

My summer plans...

Greetings all, and welcome to my running blog!

I decided to start my own blog site as a tool to prepare for a marathon this summer. One of the marathon training guides I read said that sharing your goals with others will help to keep you motivated because it sets expectations and will help to keep you focused on those goals. So, here we go!

You may recall last year I ran a whole bunch of races, including my first half marathon. This year I have been running in a bunch of 5k's, pretty much taking it easy with my training and not trying to do anything too crazy thus far. Earlier this month, my sanity got on the bus, and I sent in my registration for the Moose Mountain Marathon on September 9th (my birthday!) in Lutsen, MN. It is part of the Superior Trail Race series and is conducted entirely on the Superior Hiking Trail.

I have some aggressive goals this year, and I intend to be wiser with my training. Last year I trained very stupidly for my half marathon. I ran hard all the time, taking very few days off. As a result, I developed patellar tendonitis in my right knee (a.k.a., "runner's knee"). A golf trip a few weeks before the race further aggravated the situation and nearly ruined me. Thankfully, ice and rest helped me out so I could run in the race. I mention this because the goal this year is to train SMARTER so I don't get hurt!

I will post updates regularly (or semi-regularly!) as I train for the event so I can tell you how I am doing, so you can keep track of my progress, and so you can hopefully offer me some encouragement! :) I will also cover any other races I do leading up to the big race in Sepetember.


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