Sunday, May 21, 2006

Adjoining rooms, and no small potatoes

Adjoining rooms at the Paris Hilton

With mixed feelings that some of my money might be helping to fund Paris Hilton’s lavish lifestyle, I stayed at the Green Bay Hilton Garden Inn, which was mere blocks away from Lambeau Field and the start of my race. After a long drive and a fun tour of all that is the Green Bay Packers, I decided to rest for a little while and watch some PGA golf before dinner.

My room was (unfortunately) an adjoining room, and the door to the other room seemed rather porous. You could hear everything that was going on next door. The reason I know this is because there was a younger guy and girl in the room (in town for a wedding), and I gathered they were “friends,” but the guy was looking for a little more out of the relationship. I was treated to a conversation involving this young Don Juan trying to smooth-talk his way out of the fact that he reserved a room with a single bed, which was not going over very well with the aforementioned girl (nice going, Slick!).

After hearing their conundrum, I have to believe they were both equally at fault. The guy was clearly not communicating his feelings effectively and let his clumsy hotel reservation-making skills do the talking for him. And it appeared as if the girl had been sending him mixed signals, as was evidenced by her “you are the best friend I have ever had, but here is why I am uncomfortable around you” statement (and no, I wasn’t eavesdropping...I could hear this conversation from across the room with the TV on at a pretty good volume!). Those crazy kids. Sounds like they were having a fun time in Green Bay!

Thank goodness it was dinner time so I could get the heck out of there.

Meat and a whole lot of potato

Normally before I race, I have a meal of pasta or pizza. But when in Green Bay, why would I go anywhere but Brett Favre’s Steakhouse? It was also literally right next door to the hotel (located on Brett Favre Pass, coincidentally enough!), so it made for an easy choice.

Since I was by myself, I grabbed a seat in the bar. The menu, as you undoubtely guessed, consists mainly of steak, and lots of it. No frills, no fuss. Just big cuts of meat, and even bigger potatoes.

I ordered one of their specialty steaks, the Italian crusted N.Y. strip, which was coated with basil, oregano, garlic, and parmesan cheese. It came with a loaded baked potato that was only slightly smaller than a football. I tried to take a picture of it without the flash so as not to draw attention to my geeky habits of photographing food. It is not focused very well, but it should give you some idea of the size of the potato (in case you need a point of reference, the steak is 14 oz.).

The food was quite good and fairly reasonable for a steakhouse, I thought. I enjoyed my meal (even though I barely dented the massive potato!), and I particulary liked the preparation with the herbs, garlic, and parmesan. That was new for me, and I would certainly like to have a steak like that again sometime. Afte washing it down with a Leinenkugel’s Creamy Dark (hey, when in Wisconsin, do as the Wisconsinites do!), it was time to retire to the hotel room for some rest, a little NASCAR racing (which got rain-delayed so late that I missed the ending!), and to get ready for the big race tomorrow!
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