Thursday, May 04, 2006

Coolers days, and a little hardware

Windy, cloudy, cool...welcome to spring in Minnesota!

The wind was blowing pretty good. If fishing season was open, they would have said there was a little "walleye chop" out there on the lakes today! That being said, it was comfortable running. Temperatures were in the mid 50's, which is really just about perfect for a runner. I did the "usual" route once again. The trees are getting so pretty, and the smell of lilacs blooming is absolutely everywhere. This is a glorious time of year.

Let me just preface ths by saying I run in races simply because I enjoy running in races. It is the thrill of the experience that I enjoy the most. But, every so often, something fun and unexpected happens, too. Today I opened my mail and found that the race director from the Run The Valley 5k sent me a bronze medal for finishing 3rd in the 30-39 age group! I wasn't expecting that, so it was a cool memento from the first time I ever placed in my divison. I now officially have two pieces of hardware to show for my racing efforts, the other being my Des Moines Half Marathon finishers medal. I won't be signing any endorsement deals as a result or anything, but hey, that was really fun! :)

Have a great night!

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