Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good eats from the weekend

A quick note on food: When we get together as a family, there will always be some good food, and this time was certainly no exception.

On Friday, Dad and I went to Grand Marais to the Dockside Fish Market in search of the oh-so-delicious Copper River salmon that is now in season. It turns out the Copper River salmon missed its flight, so they didn't have any that day. But they did have some wild king salmon that was so tasty (and not to mention cheaper) that we didn't miss it. Dad threw this on the grill basted with a honey-garlic-soy sauce mixture, and the results were really incredible.

You would have to know my Dad and brother, but they are an awful lot alike when it comes to food. It wasn't enough that we were having salmon. Brett decided we also needed some grilled venison sausage patties as a side dish! Good stuff, all around.

Other meals included home-smoked BBQ ribs on Saturday and a prime rib with herb-roasted vegetables on Sunday (sorry, no pictures of those, as I was too busy eating to care!). We capped off the weekend with a summer cookout of smoked polish sausages with all of the fixings. Not to be outdone, my brother also felt we needed a marinated venison tenderloin to throw on the grill as well (which was awesome, by the way)!

Needless to say, it was a good weekend of eating.
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