Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Syttende Mai!

Happy Syttende Mai to you all!

For the non-Norwegians in the crowd, today is Norwegian Constitution Day. "Syttende Mai," as it is commonly called, literally means "May 17th." This was the day in 1814 when Norway declared itself an independent nation, and it is considered their 4th of July. There will be all kinds of parades and celebrations going on throughout Norway. Even the Norseland Lutheran Church in Norseland, MN, will be hosting its annual Syttende Mai smorgasbord, serving up some traditional Norwegian fare.

Since everyone claims to be a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day, I challenge you all to be a little bit Norwegian on Syttende Mai. Have a little lutefisk, maybe some Jarlsberg cheese, drink a shot of aquavit, and tell a few good Swedish jokes! :)

Today’s run was a jog around my usual route, once again. All in all, I took it pretty easy today, trying to save a little energy for the busy weekend ahead of me. It was 72 degrees, sunny, and generally very nice. The 80 MPH north wind was a little hard to deal with (OK, I am slightly exaggerating, it was only 30 MPH!). Also having difficulties with the wind was the first Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly I have seen this season. Always fun to see these yellow and black beauties!

This evening's agenda includes the second to the last episode of "Lost," which is getting really intense. In my humble opinion, this could be the greatest TV show ever, and the creators are nothing short of geniuses. I am anxious to see if they have another cryptic "commercial" for The Hanso Foundation tonight!

Until next time,

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