Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hot in the city

We are in a bit of a heat wave! Today was a lot like yesterday, except the temperature was slightly cooler at 79 degrees, and there is still that strong wind coming out of the south. However, it was noticeably more humid than yesterday, which made for yet another challenging run. I ran fairly steady and easy again today, still working out some of the kinks from the race weekend. The skies were starting to darken in the west, so I think we are in for a little rain. But I managed to get my run wrapped up before any drops came down.

There were lots of green darners cruising around today. These big, pretty dragonflies look like small helicopters. I also saw Mrs. wood duck fly up out of a swamp, so it was a decent nature day!

The season finale of "Lost" tonight, and I just know they are going to leave us with a gigantic cliffhanger! :)

This will be my last update until after Memorial Day weekend. I am leaving straight from work tomorrow and pointing the car north towards God’s Country to see the family and have a good ‘ol time. I look forward to chatting with you once I return.

Until next week,

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