Monday, May 08, 2006

Pure Energy

A quick note from the "Running Gear Geek's Corner"...

My friends who went to high school during the 80's might remember a Minneapolis band called Information Society. They had a one-hit-wonder dance song called "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)." Not sure if this is the pure energy that "InSoc" had in mind, but for runners, pure energy now comes in gel form!

In anticipation of the longer runs this summer, I recently stocked up on a bunch of energy gels. I used them last summer when I trained for my half marathon, and they really do help. Basically what they are is concentrated packets of carbohydrates in gel form that you can take while you are running. Think of it as gooey Gatorade! The packets are nice and small, so you can carry them in a waist pack. When you need a pick-me-up, you squeeze a packet of gel into your mouth and chase it with a little bit of water. They come in numerous flavors that actually taste pretty good.

This year I found a bunch of Clif Shot on sale, but last year I used PowerGel almost exclusively, which also performed well (the raspberry cream flavor comes highly recommended). And you really don't need to be a runner to use these. Any active outdoor participants from bikers to hikers to golfers would appreciate the convenience of this concentrated energy boost. Although if you are a golfer, you might be defeating the purpose if you wash down your energy gel with a cold Miller Lite from the beverage cart! :)

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