Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sunless Saturday

Back in college around 1991, I remember a song entitled “Sunless Saturday” by the relatively obscure alt-rock group, Fishbone. What a perfect description of today! It is gray, gloomy, overcast, damp, and cold. A wonderful day for the Minnesota fishing opener, wouldn’t you say? :) When Dad and I were talking last night, he said there is no cold like the cold you experience when sitting out on a lake in a boat during weather like this. Given some past "opener" experiences with my brother, I would have to agree. And to think that back in my hometown there are thousands of people on Mille Lacs Lake right now in search of the elusive walleye. Brrrr!

On to my run; At 6 AM it was 40 degrees (with a 36 degree windchill). There was also a northwest wind and a barely perceptible mist. It was enough to make me dig out some heavy duty clothes that I had put away for the season (obviously too soon). Namely, that included the running tights, my Illuminite windbreaker, and my stocking cap.

Since I did a 7 miler last weekend, I thought I would go a little longer today. I took a package of Clif Shot gel (I dined on the "Razz" flavor this morning!) and hit the road. Today I ran on the Southwest Regional LRT Trail through Minnetonka. This was a route I became familiar with last summer as I trained for my half marathon.

The trail is an old railroad bed that I think (eventually) is going to become part of a light rail network. But for now, it is maintained by the park system, and you can go all the way from Hopkins to Victoria or Chanhassen, if you so desire. It is perfect for walking, running, or biking.

I enjoy going this route on the weekends. It takes me through scenic Minnetonka Mills past Minnehaha Creek and the historic Burwell House. I ran to Tonka Wood Road, which is exactly 4 miles from my doorstep. Turning around and coming right back made for a satisfying 8 miles today.

The mist in the air was kind of pleasant, and your certainly aren’t cold once you get moving. So all in all, it was a good run day. And the great thing about running at 6 AM is there are very few others who are up that early. I saw a total of 4 people on my run today.

Until next time,

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