Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Weather Channel is not always right

Guess what? It is still raining!

I got up this morning, turned on The Weather Channel, and they said it was cloudy and 45 degrees. Great, I thought. I would throw on my long-sleeved running shirt and head on out.

When I walked outside, I couldn’t help but notice there was a steady drizzle coming down. I went back to the apartment for a jacket. I guess I should come to expect these things when I get my local weather from a network based in Atlanta!

It was kind of one of those “tweener” days. It was almost too cold for shorts, but not cold enough for tights. I ended up being almost too warm in my jacket, but I think I would have been miserable without it. Oh well, you just have to suck it up and run!

I ran a new route today, one that uses part of my “usual” route, but added a section west of me that runs through an old, established neighborhood with many big trees and curvy roads. There are also a lot of hills to contend with, which is good because I need to do more hill work. After I got done, I clocked the route with my car, and it is a 6.2 miles, so a perfect 10k.

Lots of great wildlife this morning! The beautiful cardinals were out in full force, happily singing in spite of the rain. And there were so many cottontail rabbits running around that I thought I was in a Monty Python sketch.

Perhaps most exciting was seeing that my buddy, the green heron, was back. He and I have this little game we play. I run by the pond, and he flies out of the reeds. This seems to happen almost every day like clockwork, and it is always a treat to see this cute little heron. I look forward to rousting him from his hiding place numerous times this summer!

Today should be a restful and relaxing Sunday. Meat loaf is on the menu tonight, and I think I have earned it after my longer runs! I will share the recipe later, because it is a tasty one!

Until next time,

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