Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Are all local TV newscasters runners?

Here in Minnesota, we have yet another local TV personality and avid runner with a blog! Ealier I mentioned Sven Sundgaard, the weekend meteorologist and running enthusiast over at KARE 11. But we must also talk about WCCO's Karen Leigh. She is the weekday morning news anchor at Channel 4 in Minneapolis, and Karen recently wrote in her blog about her decision to enter in the Twin Cities 10 Mile Race, an event that occurs in conjunction with the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon this fall. She has done a couple of half marathons previously, so she should have no issues with a mere 10 miler!

In the strangest of coincidences, her blog post just prior to the post about the race talks about vacationing in New York City and eating dinner at Trattoria Dell'Arte. I've literally spent less than 48 hours of my life in NYC (a business trip a few years ago). However, I happened to eat at the very same restaurant, which was right around the corner from my hotel in the heart of Manhattan! It was definitely as good as she described (I still remember the dish I had…a wild boar ragu with pappardelle noodles…mmmm!).

Hey, now…an attractive female runner with great taste in food and dining? Karen…call me… ;-)

Until next time,

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