Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Little pieces

One of my favorite female singer/songwriters, Juliana Hatfield, wrote a song called “Little Pieces,” and I thought that would also be an appropriate title for this post!

A little while ago, I mentioned my racing scrapbook. With no run to discuss today, I thought I would tell you more about it, since it has become a lot of fun for me.

When I started running races, I kept all of my bib numbers, figuring I would save them as mementos. And, as most race results are now published online, you can get a really detailed printed summary of your finishing results. Hey, why not start a little scrapbook to keep this in, I thought? So I did. It is not so little anymore and continues to grow, race by race!

In addition to my number and results, I began saving virtually anything and everything I could find related to the race. At some of the bigger events, you are given a "goodie bag" when you register. It is filled with all kinds of scrapbook-worthy stuff, such as printed copies of the course maps, souvenir booklets with the race details, as well as advertisements and fliers for various things in the city. Of course, there are also personal pictures, newspaper articles, and other trip mementos (like Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame tickets!). My first scrapbook is just about full, and I will be starting a second one later this summer.

One of the more humorous items I kept was from last year's Des Moines Half Marathon.

In my goodie bag there was a flier advertising, of all things, a water stop along the course that was being manned by the Des Moines "Parrot Heads” (a Jimmy Buffet fan club). They were all dressed in tropical garb, playing Jimmy Buffet music, dancing, singing, and handing out water and sport drink to the runners. It was at a point later in the race, so they were in a perfect spot to lift runners' spirits. Sure, you see other silly and fun things like this at other races. But these guys and girls took the time to advertise their water stop! I thought that was kind of cool, so I kept the flier. Now every time I flip to that page, it reminds me how great it was to run through that water stop being serenaded by Buffet fans!

The little pieces like that have made scrapbooking my races a blast. I look forward to filling more and more books!

Until next time,

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