Thursday, June 01, 2006

Looking back on May, looking ahead to June

All right, since today is the first day of June, it is time to recap the last month! According to my training log, I ran 99.1 miles in May (man, couldn't squeak out another 9/10ths for an even 100, Jean??). I got in a couple of nice, longer runs on the weekends, had one really fun race, and did a few excellent trail runs as well. There was a lot of variety last month, which always helps to keep things interesting.

Looking ahead to the month of June, I have one race coming up in 10 days, the Easy Does It 5-Miler in Plymouth, MN. This really marks the start of the summer racing season for me, and I will probably not be running another 5k until November. This will also be my first race of 2006 longer than a 5k, so I will have to be careful to pace myself properly! Additionally, I will be adding some longer weekend runs to prepare for July, since that will be a busy month of racing with a couple of 10k's and (possibly) a 10-miler.

Today’s run was a lot like yesterday; warm and breezy, with a high of 83 degrees. It is still faily dry with a relatively low dewpoint though, so the heat is not so stifling. I managed to run quite well and even pushed myself a little bit harder than normal, since tomorrow will be a day off.

There was even a good bird sighting along the route; a red-bellied woodpecker was chirping away in a big oak tree by the pond. We used to have several of them at the old house by Mille Lacs. They loved corn and would always be busy taking some from the bird feeder. Fun to see this guy again.

I still have not been to the grocery store, so tonight’s dinner was a Boca Burger with sharp cheddar cheese on buckwheat bread. I really need to go shopping...

Until next time,

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