Thursday, June 08, 2006

Relaxing run, big butterfly, and breakfast for dinner

A very nice day out there today. It was 80 degrees, but it was quite dry with a nice breeze, so it almost felt cooler than it really was. It looks like we are in for a bit of a cooling trend as we head into the weekend too, so it might be some favorable running weather for the race on Saturday morning.

I took a very easy jog around the 4 1/2 mile square today. I didn’t push myself at all, just a nice, relatively effortless run to stay loose and save some energy. It was very relaxing out there, especially after a busy day at the office.

I had a good wildlife sighting as well; a big, beautiful black swallowtail butterfly was zipping around in a yard near the lake. This butterfly is awesome. He looks like a little stealth bomber! :)

For dinner tonight, I had breakfast; hash browns, and scrambled eggs with proscuitto. I just wanted something quick and easy, because I am saving the last hunk of pizza dough in the fridge for tomorrow night. Must carbo-load before the race!

Until next time,

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