Thursday, June 01, 2006

Retractions and Revisions

Sometimes I tend to do things on impulse, so please ignore several of my earlier statements because I recently changed my mind. Call me a "marathoner wanna-be" if you must, but I have decided not to enter the Moose Mountain Marathon this year.

Thoughts of altering my plans started when I was in Green Bay hanging around the finish line at this big city race. I realized how much fun these events are with the party-like atmosphere and the thousands of other runners. As much as I enjoy trail running, I really wanted to do another big city event.

I also have decided not to attempt a full marathon this year, especially one conducted on a rugged trail. After spending Memorial Day weekend running on trails, I realized (quickly) that I would really need to train on that kind of terrain to be successful. I can't replicate that here in the flatlands. Taking this on would be too much, too soon, I fear.

And while in Green Bay, I realized is that I don't have to run a marathon to prove anything to myself or anyone else. Bottom line; I like to run for fun, and I want to run several races over the summer. Therefore, a half marathon makes more sense. A marathon training program would force me to skip some other events that I want to run this summer (because the races are too short to fit into a meaningful marathon training program), and I am not willing to give those up.

OK, those are all of my lame excuses! :) Now, here is the revised plan; I am now scheduled to make a return trip to Iowa to run in the Des Moines IMT Half Marathon. That will be my big race to end the season. One of the main reasons is because the race date, October 15th, would have been my grandfather's 90th birthday. I thought this would be a more meaningful race to run as a tribute to all of my grandparents. Plus, it will give me a chance to try and better last year's time of 2:01:11, so there will be a personal goal to shoot for, too.

So please, stick with me as I revise my goals and set my sights on some different races. There will still be some great adventures along the way, even if they only go to 13.1 instead of 26.2!

Until next time,

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