Sunday, June 11, 2006

Running Food: The “BBT” Sandwich

Since I am not running today, I thought I would tell you about what I had for lunch today!

Years ago, I saw this idea on some cooking show, and I have been making a “BBT” sandwich ever since; bacon, basil, and tomato. Instead of the traditional iceberg lettuce, you substitute a few big leaves of fresh basil, which brings a lot more flavor to the party. And we all know how well basil goes with tomato.

There is no real recipe, but all you need is five ingredients:

-Two slices of good bread
-A few slices of good bacon
-A couple slices of tomato
-A few big leaves of fresh basil
-Mayonnaise for the bread

This is a quick and easy summer staple for me, and it is especially fun later in the summer when you can get some really good tomatoes, and some quality sweet corn on the cob to go along side. Yum!

Until next time,

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