Friday, June 02, 2006

Sunny days

Wow, what a nice day! It truly feels like summer.

I went out for lunch simply because it was too nice to sit in the office all day. Today I stopped at Noodles & Company. I hadn't been here in ages, and for a fast food joint, you can find a pretty healthy and reasonably priced meal, compared to other alternatives. I had the "Bangkok Curry," which was basically vegetables and rice noodles in yellow curry. It was tasty.

Today is my day off from running. It looks like we have a beautiful weekend in store, so I will be spending some of it outside. I am doing a longer run on Saturday morning. I will probably take Sunday off (because my vacation threw my schedule off kilter and I need to stagger my rest days for my race next Saturday). I also plan on doing some cooking and baking. Since I haven't been home for the last two weekends, it will be fun to get back in the kitchen. I will probably make some pizza dough to have on hand, and I also going to try making some homemade whole wheat bread. And I am finally going grocery shopping tomorrow!

Until next time,

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