Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweating, Sunbathing, and Shakespeare

Wow, a hot and sticky one today! It was 85 degrees, pretty humid, and there is a strong wind coming out of the southeast. Looks as if we will be getting some rain soon. It was a challenging run today in the heat and humidity, and I was absolutely sweating like a madman. It was really warm, but I made it around my route in good time.

In nature news, today I spotted the rare and elusive female sunbather on a blanket in a yard. An attractive creature normally seen by a beach, this was a fairly unusual sighting on my running route. I attempted to attract her attention with my elegant and graceful stride. Unfortunately, this courtship dance went unnoticed. A wily and mysterious creature, the female sunbather... :)

However, some creatures did pay attention to me! There was a family of pied-billed grebes on the pond near the shore. The kids didn’t quite have the drill down yet. When they saw me, the parents dove under water. The little ones just sat there and stared! They will figure it out soon enough. Also, the green heron made his presence known. Just another good day in the wild kingdom!

And finally, there was another nice story in the news; Shakespeare once wrote “Bid me run and I will strive with things impossible.” This quote has been kind of adopted by the running community, and I think it can definitely be applied to Sheri Eke. Sheri is an amputee who will be walking in her first organized event this weekend, the Minneapolis Hope & Possibility 5K Run/Walk at Hyland Park in Bloomington. Pretty inspiring and amazing stuff.

Until next time,

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