Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A warm run with the twelve-spotted skimmers

A little bit of a different day today, more of a return to summer! It was warm and windy, about 84 degrees, and there was definitely a little humidity in the air. I ran a little bit harder than yesterday, but nothing too heroic. The heat didn’t bother me too much today for some reason. Whatever the case, the run felt good.

In nature news, I did not get attacked by any blackbirds today! However, I saw these interesting dragonflies along the pond. Best I can tell, they were twelve-spotted skimmers, these bright blue dragonflies with very spotted wings. They were absolutely everywhere, and I don’t think I had ever seen them before. Cool stuff!

Not too much on the agenda tonight. It will probably be just a “BBT” sandwich for dinner. I did finally receive my pictures in the mail from my last couple of trips, so I need to put them away in the album, and I should also add a few things to my racing scrapbook (I keep a scrapbook with mementos and pictures from every race I have been in...perhaps I will talk more about that sometime!).

Until next time,

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