Monday, June 12, 2006

When blackbirds attack

All right, since I had my lazy day off on Sunday where I did nothing but cook and eat, it was time to get back on the horse!

Today was my first run since the race on Saturday, so I rewarded myself with an easy run along my route. And what a beautiful day! It was about 73 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, and a slight cooling breeze. How awesome! Not even an attempted dive-bomb attack from a ferocious red-winged blackbird (I must have come too close to his nest!) could detract from my enjoyment of the day!

Normally after a race I am a bit stiff in the legs on my first run afterwards, but not today. I felt really loose and relaxed. There was no tightness at all, so I am beginning to think I am training smarter and incorporating the right amount of rest, so I think I will stick with my current routine.

And I can’t possibly describe how much I love my new shoes. I am going to write to Brooks and tell them they can never, ever stop making this particular model. It is as if they were made especially for me, and they are wonderful!

Until next time,

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