Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cheaters never win

How disappointing. Just a few days after I was touting the heroics of Floyd Landis in the Tour de France, it has now been reported that he failed a drug test after Stage 17, testing positive for high levels of testosterone. That sucks. Yet another black eye for the sport of cycling!

Thankfully, scandals like this don't seem very prevalent in road and trail running. Chances are the guys winning your local 10k races aren't taking steroids in quantities that could kill a small horse. And a lot of trail racing stars adhere to a very natural, organic lifestyle (Scott Jurek is actually a vegan, and Dean Karnazes is president of an organic food company) so there is no way they would even think of polluting their bodies with that crap.

Additionally, there is hardly anyone that can actually make a living by running in races. There is little money in it (I mean, the winner of the Western States 100 gets a belt buckle, for crying out loud!), and most most of these people have real jobs. Running is their passion, and they do it for love, not riches.

All right, I am stepping down from the soapbox! I'm not running today because it is my day off. It is positively blistering outside, so I am glad! There is the possibility that for the next four days we could hit 100 degrees. I've got some early morning runs planned for Friday and Saturday so I can avoid the heat as much as humanly possible.

Stay cool,

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