Thursday, July 13, 2006

Early to bed, early to run

So, what were you doing at 4:15 this morning?

Me? I went running!

I have become a notoriously early riser and I'm frequently at work before 6 AM. Because of that, I do most of my running after work since I usually get home at a decent hour. However, given the fact that low 90's were predicted again today, I decided to get up even earlier and run when it is cool.

Even at that time, it was still fairly warm at 72 degrees with a dewpoint not too far behind that. Really muggy and soupy outside! But it was more pleasant than doing it in the afternoon when it would be 20 degrees hotter.

There are very few signs of life at that hour. No traffic, no pedestrians, no nothing. With the exception of the cottontail rabbit I so rudely awakened, there was nothing else going on in my 4 1/2 miles.

Looks like we are in for a sweltering weekend, too. The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities has already issued an "Excessive Heat Watch" for the Saturday and Sunday, saying we could have heat indicies near 105. Yuck! I feel sorry for anyone running in a race this weekend.

Speaking of races, I have my next race all set. I am entered in the Hennepin-Lake Classic 10k on Sunday, August 6th. I have never run this one before, but this is a race that my dentist told me about (she is an accomplished road racer!) and she said it is a good one. It is a smaller race (around 500 runners last year), and all you do is go two laps around Lake Calhoun. This is another one of those races that brings out all the heavy hitters from the local running scene, so I expect I will finish pretty far down in the standings. But I don't care, because the course is flat, and flat is beautiful!

Oh, and that pizza I had last night? Molto bene! ;-)

Until next time,

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