Sunday, July 16, 2006

The heat is on

We are in the midst of a heck of a heatwave. It was darn near 100 yesterday, and more of the same is predicted for today. There is also a heat advisory, saying that the heat indices could reach 105 later this afternoon. Ugh!

In spite of the heat, the Life Time Fitness Triathlon took place yesterday in Minneapolis. That had to have been an absolute scorcher. Hats off to anyone who completed that race!

I did my run this morning (8 miles today) while it was still tolerable. To my surprise, it was cloudy and raining early on (I don’t believe that was predicted?). The temperature at that time was 81 with a dewpoint of 68, so the clouds and rain definitely helped. I don’t think I could have done 8 miles if the sun was out, so that was appreciated.

Very few people out and about this morning, probably for good reason. It was still a bit of a struggle, but on my long runs I always carry a water bottle with me so I can keep well hydrated. And the berry-flavored Propel really hit the spot out there on the trail today, let me tell you!

Today I will stay near the AC. No problem though, because there are lots of sports on today, I need to make some pizza dough for the week, and I will be attempting a Thai curry shrimp dish later this evening. I will let you know if it is any good!

Stay cool,

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