Friday, July 28, 2006

Heat of the moment

I have been complaining about it for the last couple of days, but the heat is on! As the temperature was going to hit 100 today (which it certainly did in my town), I got up at 4 AM to do my run. It was still 75 and humid, even before the sun came up, so I am glad I went out when I did!

My run was a good one, and I felt pretty quick today. What a strange feeling to be the only person out and about in your neighborhood! It was a peaceful morning. Everything is so quiet at that time of day. The sky was clear, so the stars and the streetlights served as my guides. Tomorrow morning I will run early again (well, probably not that early...after all, it is Saturday!) because the weather will be more of the same.

Switching gears completely, I don't think I have ever talked about Scott Dunlap's trail running blog before, but it has become one of the internet's most comprehensive trail running resources. Dunlap is an accomplished trail runner and was the overall winner of the 2004 Trail Runner Trophy Series in the marathon and under division. His blog is filled with great information on trail running, race reports, and interviews with some of the truly interesting characters in the trail running world.

Dunlap recently posted his interview with Brian Morrison. You might recall Morrison was the disqualified winner of the Western States 100 because he received assistance from his crew (which possibly saved his life) near the finish line after he collapsed several times. While the disappointment has to be huge, it seems as if Morrison has a good head on his shoulders, is really taking this in stride, and is looking forward to next year's WS100!

Stay cool,

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