Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot enough for ya?

Wow, quite the weekend for weather!

We had a real mixed bag yesterday. It rained on and off for much of the morning, and was cloudy for most of the afternoon. Then the sun finally came out and heated things up in a big way! My neighborhood had 92 degrees with a heat index of 104! I opened my porch door just to see how bad it was, and it was so stifling that it almost took your breath away. As if that was not enough, this morning's low temperature was 83 degrees!

However, this is nothing to complain about, because things could have been worse! The Star-Tribune recently ran an article about July of 1936, which was Minnesota's most intense heat wave on record. Why, the city of Pipestone alone had 15 straight days of 100 degree readings!

Or, I suppose I could have been in Pierre, South Dakota yesterday. 115 degrees?!?

Anyhow, my run today was warm, as it was my first run in the afternoon since last week! It was 92 degrees, but some drier air has moved in, so it was not nearly as bad. I did my 4 1/2 miles without issue. Slowly, but without issue! Don't get me wrong, it was still plenty hot and generally unpleasant for running. But as I said earlier, things could have been worse!

Tonight's dinner is a summer staple: my famous "BBT" sandwich with some corn on the cob. Mmmmmm....

Oh, and last night's Thai curry shrimp with rice stick noodles was quite delicious, although I am not ready to share a recipe yet. It was a nice, light, spicy, and tasty dish for a hot summer day, but I thought it needed a little more personality. Or perhaps I should just serve it over rice instead so it soaks up more of the sauce? I will work on it. It looks pretty good though, wouldn't you say? :)

Until next time,

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