Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A hot one, and some good chips

Wow, another warm one today. 83 and pretty windy. And it is only going to get hotter this week, too. They are calling for upper 90's by the weekend! I will have to do my weekend running very early to avoid the stifling heat.

Again, I took it pretty easy today, but I ran better than yesterday. The scar on my knee is healing quickly (bacitracin zinc ointment is good stuff!), so my knee is getting more flexible. I ran my typical 4 1/2 miles, and had a pretty decent run. I even got to play "Good Samaritan" and gave a lost and confused young lady directions to get back on the Interstate, so my work is finished today!

Unrelated to anything, I have to put in a plug for my new favorite chips: When I started running, I began to purchase baked tortilla and potato chips exclusively to cut some fat from my diet. I am now making an exception to this rule after trying the new Old Dutch Restaurante Style Guacamole Strips! These are rectangle-shaped tortilla chips coated with guacamole flavoring, and they are awesome with salsa. The chips are of the "full fat" variety, but hey, I figure I'm allowed a few indulgences, right? Anyhow, I am telling everyone about them in hopes that they catch on so Old Dutch will never quit making them. Please, by all means, give them a try! :)

Until next time,

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