Friday, July 14, 2006

KTRF Recap from Race Director

You are probably sick to death of hearing about the Keweenaw Trail Running Festival! But today, I (along with the other runners) received a very nice e-mail from the race director today, along with a little follow-up and recap from the events. I thought I would pass along some interesting facts and tidbits:

Natural surroundings

The trails that we ran on for the 10k race were located on beautiful lands owned by the Michigan Nature Association, an organization that is works to purchase, preserve, and protect natural areas in Michigan. Also, the Lookout Mountain location that hosted the hill climb is on a tract of land owned by The Nature Conservancy. The more I have learned about the Keweenaw Peninsula, the more I am becoming impressed with the conservation efforts going on there.

Trail runners are pranksters, too!

I don't believe I ever explained this in any of my earlier posts, but the trail was marked with little red flags so you knew you were on the course. All you had to do was keep following the little red flags and you would be OK. Well, the race director told us we had a prankster in our midst! Somebody changed the course flags at the 5.5 mile mark. This effectively rerouted the runners and added an extra 230 meters (approximately 1/7th of a mile) to the 10k course! No wonder I was so tired… :)

Taking out the trash

The KTRF motto is "Supporting the Health and Humanity of the Planet." For the entire weekend, the races and runners generated only one small garbage bag of trash. All of the banana peels from the post-race refreshment table were composted. The cups from the water stop were made of corn-based PLA, a biodegradable material that composts completely in about 80 days. If you have been to a typical race before, you see how much trash is generated (even at the smaller events). To have three races and only one bag of trash is absolutely remarkable.

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