Saturday, July 22, 2006

Off to market!

It was beautiful morning for a run, so cool that I almost got goose-bumps when I emerged from the building. It was about 60 degrees, relatively clear skies with some wispy clouds.

I did 5 miles this morning, once again heading out quite early. It was just me, the cottontail rabbits, and even a raccoon who looked rather surprised to see me! I was even treated to a gorgeous pink sunrise as I approached the pond. We have a great Saturday in store for us.

My run needed to be done early because I had to be somewhere at 7:30 to partake in one of the great joys of summer in Minnesota; that would be the Hopkins Farmers’ Market in downtown Hopkins.

Hopkins is really close to where I live, so it is very convenient. While it is a smaller market, it has a lot of great stuff, and a little bit of everything. I always chuckle when I shop there because it seems like I am the youngest shopper by at least 30 years! I would love to see more and more people my age come out to support these markets and the farmers.

The main reason I go there is for the locally grown produce, which is excellent. I always get sensory overload when I go to things like this because I want to buy a little of everything. All the produce looks so good! So I usually have to do my best to exercise some restraint. Today I loaded up on sweet corn, yellow wax beans, the cutest little red new potatoes, and a bunch of small cucumbers so I can make my Mom’s refrigerator sweet pickle recipe (which will be one of my projects today).

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to dinner tonight! :)

Until next time,

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