Monday, July 31, 2006

Onward to August

I am so sick of talking about the weather! All I know is this; Once again, I went running at 4 AM this morning. It was 85 degrees at that time. I saw a temperature of 102 on my drive home from work this afternoon. That's all I'm saying! Hopefully August will be mild? :)

Today wraps up the month of July, so let's recap: A couple of fun and challenging trail races, some good long runs; my summer is progressing nicely. Checking the odometer, I logged 110.3 miles in July, so I got in some very productive runs in what was a challenging month.

In local running news, this past weekend was the Voyageur Trail Ultra 50 Mile race in Carlton, MN. Here is a neat story from the Duluth News Tribune about the female winner, 44 year-old Rochelle Wirth of Duluth. A former smoker, she took up running 12 years ago and is now setting course records in ultramarathons. Sounds like it was a lot cooler up there than it was down here on Saturday! :)

Until next time,

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