Monday, July 24, 2006

Running Food - Venison Ragu

Here is my venison ragu from yesterday. I was going to use rigatoni for the pasta, but I discovered I had three packages of whole-wheat spaghetti, so I opted for that instead!

I didn't follow a recipe, but if I had to guess:

-I had probably a pound of venison stew meat that I ran through the meat grinder with about 1/4 pound of pancetta. I browned that up, seasoned it with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning, drained it, and set it aside..

-Then I caramelized one yellow onion, cooking it until very, very brown. I added several cloves of garlic (minced), and a heaping spoonful of tomato paste, stirring for a couple minute. Then I deglazed it with about a cup of red wine.

-I returned the meat to pan and added 4 fresh tomatoes (chopped), 1 cup of beef stock, 1/4 cup of rehydrated porcini mushrooms, an 8 oz. package of crimini mushrooms (sliced), and a sprig of fresh rosemary. I let it simmer away for a few hours until I had a thick, rich meat sauce.

You end up with something similar to a Bolognese-style ragu (minus the carrots, celery, and cream). It was great! The leftovers were even better today, and the stuff freezes very wel also.

The sweet pickles are awesome, too... :)

Until next time,

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