Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tour de France vs. Emeril Live - A tale of two "athletes"

Last night I was flipping channels between "Emeril Live" on the Food Network and the Tour de France on OLN TV, and I couldn't help but notice a vast difference in the conditioning of the athletes.

I know, "Emeril Live" is a cooking show, and they don't often feature athletes. However, in this particular episode Emeril had three members of the International Federation of Competitive Eating with him in the studio. Emeril was cooking up a variety of hot and spicy dishes, and these guys had a contest to see who could eat them the fastest. Appalling and disgusting, yet oddly intriguing.

So I flip the channel to OLN to see these incredibly fit riders absolutely flying down the French roads. Then I switch over to Emeril to see three out-of-shape guys slamming shot glasses of Emeril's homemade hot sauce. Back to OLN, where the riders are attacking on a mountain climb. Then back to Emeril to watch the competitive eaters cramming oyster po' boys and skewers of Portuguese beef with a spicy "piri-piri" sauce into their mouths. You get the idea.

Why did I say the guys on Emeril were "athletes?" Their words, not mine. One of the competitive eaters actually referred to himself as a "professional athlete!" Astonishing. One cannot help but think that the training involved is much different, and that the Tour de France riders are a little more efficient at processing calories!

Anyhow, on to today's run! It was warm, about 86 degrees, but it was very dry, so it did not feel so oppressive. I ran easier since I put in a good run yesterday. There were lots of birds along the route. Numerous cardinals and goldfinches were out and about, no doubt enjoying what was a pretty pleasant summer day. And when I got home, I noticed that the odometer in my training log just passed the 600 mile mark for the year, so I am pleased with the mileage I have been putting in.

Tonight my only plans are to watch Floyd Landis kick some butt in the Tour. Go Floyd!

Until next time,

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