Thursday, August 17, 2006

The 700 Club

It was cloudy and 75 today, but it was rather humid. We had a little bit ot rain move through earlier, and as KARE 11’s Belinda Jensen said last night, we have some “monsoonal moisture” heading our way. Sounds ominous!

In spite of the humidity, I had a really strong run today. I did my normal 4 1/2 miler, and I was pretty quick. And my odometer clicked past the 700 mile mark for the year, so I am pleased. I am making good progress towards my half marathon goals.

Fall is definitely upon us, and you could just sense the energy in the air as soccer practice had started at the high school! Just my two cents, of course, but I don’t understand the sport. I watched bits and pieces of the World Cup this summer (just because it looked spectacular in high-definition!), and the part I found the most entertaining was the whole “yellow card/red card” thing. They made such a production out of it. The ref would dramatically display the card, which was immediately followed by incessant whining on behalf of the player. It was great. But, as for the game itself, I didn’t get it. OK, I am rambling now.... :)

Until next time,

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