Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Drop dead gorgeous

This could have been the most perfect day of summer. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. 75 degrees, sunny, and mild. Simply outstanding!

I ran the usual route a little easier today than I did yesterday. It is good to have easy days once in awhile, and it was nice to be able to enjoy the day. As I noted yesterday, the leaves are starting to turn ever so lightly, and I even saw my pied-billed grebes floating around on the pond. Just a fantastic day.

I feel like the week is getting away from me. I am going to Mom and Dad’s on Friday afternoon, and I realized tonight that I still need to do laundry, shop a little bit, and think about packing. Work has been busy this week as well, so that has only added to my list of things to do before I go. I just have to keep telling myself it is only 72 hours until I will be sitting on Mom and Dad’s lawn and enjoying a beer on the North Shore! :)

By the way, I will have to share my red chile sauce recipe from the weekend. The stuff rocks! I will post it on my food blog sometime in the near future.

Until next time,

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