Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Food, old restaurants, and "Hamdogs"

Since today is a day off from running, how about we talk food?

First, the recipe for my homemade red chile sauce is now posted on my food blog. Trust me, it is much better than that canned Old El Paso stuff! :)

Second, Dad sent me the menu for the upcoming holiday weekend; deep-fried Lake Superior herring fillets on Friday (providing the fish market has fresh herring), Saturday is a venison and pheasant dinner with the neighbors, and Sunday is prime rib. Can you see why I am so excited to get up there? ;-)

Third, I read an interesting online discussion where people were pondering the fate of some of the regional fast food chains of years gone by. Remember Buger Chef? Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips? Rax Restaurants? Shakey's Pizza? Would you be surprised to hear that, with the exception of Burger Chef, all of the others still exist (albeit on a much smaller scale)? I was shocked!

And finally, anyone up for a "Hamdog?" Check out the first couple paragraphs of this article from CBS News. There is a bar in a suburb of Altanta that makes a hot dog with a beef patty wrapped around it, which is then DEEP FRIED and served on a hoagie roll. No big deal, you say? Additional toppings include chili, cheese, a fried egg, onions (hey, you need something healthy) and french fries! bacon? I guess that would be just way too over-the-top! :)

Anyhow, I wonder how many calories are in that thing, and how many miles I would need to run to work it off? The Hamdog makes the "Luther Burger" (mentioned later in the story and sounding suspiciously like something Homer Simpson created) sound like a healthy alternative. Yikes!

Until next time,

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