Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lazy day and a new blog

Kind of a lazy day today. I am just kind of hanging around and relaxing, just trying to save up for the race tomorrow. I went to the farmers' market to buy corn and potatoes, and then to the grocery store to get ingredients for tonight's lasagna (must carbo-load for race!). Later on I will watch a little NASCAR racing before hitting the sack. A pretty exciting day, huh? :)

I started a new blog site for all of my recipe and cooking-related topics. You can now go to Jean's Food and Cooking Blog to see my culinary creations and listen to me ramble on about food. I just thought it might make sense to separate the running stuff from the food stuff (plus it gave me a reason to start another blog!). Don't worry, if I make mention on this site of some good food that I made, I will link to the recipe post over there so nobody will miss out on anything!

I will give you a report on my race tomorrow!

Until next time,

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