Friday, August 04, 2006

Living in the wild wild west

Allow me to digress for a moment...

These days I rarely deviate from listening to my classic rock on 92 KQRS FM radio. But today on my way home during a commercial break, I flipped to another station that started playing a song I had not heard in probably 10 years. The song was “Wild Wild West” by The Escape Club.

“Wild Wild West” was a catchy song that became popular during the summer of 1988, right before my senior year of high school. This band could have defined the phrase, ”one-hit wonder,” as they faded into oblivion shortly thereafter. Anyhow, I cranked up the stereo because it is always fun to hear something from high school, especially something you haven't heard in ages.

I was singing along (loudly, and doing little dance moves while driving), and I soon realized that I knew every word to this song. I am sure this happens to most of you, too. Why does music have this kind of effect? Has anyone studied this phenomenon? Why is it that I can remember the words to an 18 year-old song that I had not heard in the better part of a decade, but I will occasionally forget to buy an item at the grocery store that was on my shopping list? :)

Anyhow, I just think that is interesting. On to running...

I ran my normal 4 1/2 mile route today. Nothing to strenuous, just a nice solid run. It was 88 degrees, pretty breezy, and quite a bit more humid than yesterday, so that made for tougher running. But it was nothing like last week!

Tomorrow will be a day off from running since I am racing on Sunday. I will probably hit the farmers' market in the morning, do a little grocery shopping, and take it easy to save up my energy for the 10k. The Sunday morning weather forecast looks fairly favorable (depending upon which source you believe!), so we will see.

If I may digress once more, it was good I went running today because I went to Culver's for lunch. I really wish I had my camera with me because my "ButterBurger Deluxe" looked like something out of their commercials. Dare I say "artfully presented" when talking about fast food? It was perfect. And, of course, it goes without saying that it was delicious. $4.99 well spent, for certain!

"Heading for the nineties, living in the wild wild west," ;-)

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