Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A nice day, and the next race

A very nice day today. I am starting to enjoy summer again! It was about 85, sunny, with a little breeze. Hard to complain. I ran my normal 4 1/2 miles, and while I went pretty easy, but dare I say I even had a little spring in my step? I felt pretty lively for my first run after the race. The energy level was good, so I think I rested appropriately.

Lots of birds with babies flying around today. We are to the point in the summer where the children are as big as the parents, so it becomes hard to tell them apart! It won’t be long and many of them will begin the journey south.

I've got my next race scheduled. On September 9th, I will be running in the Get Ready to Rock 10k in White Bear Lake, MN. This will be a new one for me. It appears to be a smaller event on a flat course that does one full lap around Bald Eagle Lake (there is also a 20 mile race that does three laps around the lake, but I think I will stop at just one!). This will be the last race before the Des Moines IMT Half Marathon in October.

Until next time,

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