Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Old Conference Buffet

I had to attend an off-site training class for work today, and because I would be getting home later, I opted to run in the morning...and, in the rain!

It was absolutely pouring when I left because a storm system had just moved through the cities. The heavy stuff quit shortly after I started, so I was left with drizzle the rest of the time. I had a very good run and felt quick today. I think I run faster in the rain because there is a greater motivation to finish sooner! :)

I just returned from a day long training session at a large hotel and conference center in the north metro. Let me tell you about these industry conferences; they are one big feeding trough. They serve you a breakfast in the morning (bagels, muffins, rolls, pastries, and some token fruit), an all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch, AND and afternoon snack (salty snacks, sweets). Keep in mind this conference was health care related, too. :) It is just crazy. Thankfully, I have learned to change my eating habits over the last few years, so I can pick and choose wisely and not overdo it.

Anyhow, if I may put in a shameless plug, the food at the conference today couldn’t hold a candle to the meal I had at the Gold Nugget in Minnetonka last night. What a treat. I will be sad when this place closes.

Until next time,

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