Thursday, August 03, 2006

A return to summer

Things appear to be getting back to normal here in Minnesota after our heat wave over the weekend. It was 92 degrees today, but it was extremely dry and breezy with almost no humidity. A little on the warm side for running, but this is what summer is supposed to be like!

I ran 5 miles today because it was such a nice afternoon. It was bright and sunny, and the wildlife appeared to be enjoying the day also. Goldfinches were flitting about, wood ducks were swimming on the pond, and a mama chipping sparrow had three of her youngsters following her around the yard. They were all vying for the grub she had in her beak! A great day to be outside.

In running news, the Portland Press Herald out of Maine ran this great article about trail running and racing. It is written from an outsider's perspective and talks about the differences between road running and trail running, the mindset of a trail runner, and describes some of the things that I enjoy about participating in races like last month's "Tofte Trek." Makes me wish I could have gone running in the woods today! :)

Until next time,

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