Monday, August 21, 2006

Temperature swings & NASCAR points

Interesting. I experienced a nearly 30 degree temperature swing from my last run.

It was 59 and cool yesterday morning, and it was a mere 87 when I went running this afternoon! Quite a shock to the system. The heat was a factor, and so were my legs (a bit tired after the long run yesterday!), so today’s run was difficult. So, I have earned my day off tomorrow.

Shifting gears to NASCAR (pardon the pun), I had a disastrous week in my fantasy league. As of this writing, I am currently 28th in points in the nation in the "Streak to the Finish" game. I was up to 14th last week, but unfortunately Jeff Burton decided to blow up his engine for his first "DNF" all year. Crap! I need to get my act together to maintain my place atop the leaderboard! :)

Until next time,

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