Monday, September 11, 2006

Cooler days

I’ll make this quick because I have to get some dinner ready, and then the Vikes play at 6 PM! :)

I had a fantastic run today. It was 59 and cloudy, so the temperature was ideal. I felt strong and fast, which is not always the case after a race weekend. It is amazing how much the weather plays a factor in performance. These slightly cooler days make running a whole lot of fun.

Two quick non-running related notes:

1. While on my run, I saw a Coopers hawk swoop down out of a tree in an attempt to pounce on some unsuspecting songbirds. It was a near miss. The songbirds scattered, and the hawk left empty handed...or would that be "empty taloned?" :) Anyhow, what a sight! To see that hawk come out of nowhere like that was really cool!

2. Some eager people along my running route have taken the liberty of putting up the Halloween decorations already. And, I was at Target today, and the Halloween candy is already on the shelves. Summer is officially over! :)

Until next time,

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