Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Italian food, long-sleeved running shirts, and fuzzy squirrels

I ran quite well today despite eating too much at Biaggi’s just a few hours earlier. As far as national chain Italian restaurants go, this one isn’t too bad. However, the “Penne Sardi” was trying its best to weigh me down this afternoon. Ugh...I think I will be eating light this evening!

Today I broke out the long-sleeved running shirt for the first time in a long time! It was 51 degrees, cloudy, very windy, and I even got hit with an occasional stray raindrop. But as I mentioned, it was a good run. The temperature is perfect, and I clipped right along.

Fall is upon us, and further proof of that is that the gray squirrels are starting to get very fuzzy. You can see they are getting that extra bit of winter fur on the tails and ears. And you know what that tells us; A fuzzy squirrel in September means that a long winter is in store!

Actually, I just made that up, and I have no idea if that is true. All I know is the squirrels are very fuzzy right now. OK, I am babbling.... :)

Until next time,

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