Sunday, September 17, 2006

May the wind always be at your back

I had a fun day yesterday. You can check out my trip to the Peppermint Twist and my stop at a cute meat market in St. Bonifacius over on my food blog.

Fall is definitely upon us. It was 65 when I started my run, and 58 by the time I finished! We have a cool week in store for us as well, so the tide is turning.

I ran 11 1/2 miles today on the trail through Minnetonka. That was my longest run of the year, and I felt great. I got some new shoes yesterday (the same pair of Brooks that I had before), so they felt fantastic. And. perhaps best of all, there are some very strong winds coming out of the west/northwest; while it was challenging to start, the wind pushed me all the way home during the last half of the run. Not bad!

Until next time,

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