Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Movin’ On

To quote some of my favorite 70’s rockers, Bad Company, I’m “Movin’ On.”

My department at work announced earlier this month that we would be moving from our northwest metro location to a new office in the northeast metro (about 20 miles east of where we are now, so a pretty significant distance). I won't go into all the reasons justifying it, but this would nearly double my commute. However, my lease on my apartment was set to expire, so the timing was right. Therefore, I am moving to the northeastern suburbs!

And not only am I movin’ on, but I am pulling a George and Weezie Jefferson and I’m “moving on up!” :)

This is an upgrade for me from my current place. I secured a really sweet apartment in a brand new building. Get this; I am on the top floor (penthouse suite, baby!), I have a spacious kitchen, finally have laundry in my apartment, and the walls are soundproofed because the building is a state-of-the-art concrete frame. Did I mention I am mere blocks away from a large regional park with miles of trails (a runner’s dream)? And, I will be 5 minutes from my new office. A pretty nice deal all around.

I move in November. My head is positively spinning thinking of all the stuff I need to do between now and then. But I am excited. You’re all invited over for cocktails once I am settled in. :)

Anyhow, another good run tonight with ideal temperatures. 57 degrees and sunny. Couldn’t ask for much more. I ran easier today, so I just took things at a comfortable pace. And the new shoes are feeling great. Just a fantastic day to be a runner!

Until next time,

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