Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New stomping grounds

So today I was supposed to go to my new apartment in the northeast metro to review my lease and take care of some preliminary paperwork. Unfortunately, I got there and the apartment manager was caught up in an emergency at another one of her facilities, so it was all for nothing. However, since I was up there, I got to do a little exploring, and now I can't wait to move.

The running scene should be absolutely awesome. Not even counting the trails in the large regional park that I am next to, virtually all of the main roads have a biking/running trail along side of them. I could even take a trail all the way to my new office (perhaps I need to get a bike?). I will have so many options for routes than I have now, and certainly many better and prettier options. That, and every store I would possibly need is mere miles from my new pad. This should be great!

It was almost hard to run on my normal route today after I had seen my soon-to-be-new surroundings, but I did anyhow! It was really quite warm today in the mid to upper 70's, but the wind was howling out of the southwest. That was one of the hardest winds I have experienced on a run in quite some time, so it was a little slow going. But, I tried to enjoy the day, as this is the warmest it will be for several days to come.

Tonight's agenda; pizza for dinner, I need to watch FOX's great new show "Vanished" that I recorded last night opposite Monday Night Football, and then it is on to the new episodes of "NCIS" followed by "The Unit." I am happy the new shows are back for the fall season! :)

Until next time,

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