Monday, September 25, 2006

Packing, cleaning, and running

Yesterday was a relatively uneventful one. I didn’t do much except watch sports from morning to night, given that we had the Ryder Cup in the morning, NASCAR at noon, and football from noon on! Actually, I did get a lot done in the way of packing and cleaning. I threw away a lot of crap, so that made me feel like I am making progress.

Nice run today! It was bright and sunny, mid 60’s, with a relatively strong NW breeze. I took it pretty easy, as I was still a little stiff from the 13 miler on Saturday, but it was a good, leisurely run.

There were all kinds of birds along the route; geese, an assortment of ducks, several grebes, and even a small flock of yellow-shafted flickers that were gearing up to head south for the winter. You know the season is changing when you start to see these guys banding together. Winter is on its way! :)

Until next time,

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