Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Running, Running, Running

OK, let's get the running stuff out of the way, because I have so much more to tell from my Labor Day weekend!

I only did two runs over the course of the weekend; One was on Saturday, and it was a 10 miler down one of the frontage roads along Lake Superior. I run past all kinds of cabins, and I get to see a lot of great views of the lake. Keeping in mind this is one of the busiest holiday weekends in the north country, I saw all of two people in my 10 miles. And, there were people at virtually every cabin. Slackers!

My other run was on Monday, and that was a simple 4 1/2 mile jog into town and back using the trail along side the highway. The reason I only did two runs is because I am attempting to stagger my days off due to an upcoming race this weekend, and to account for travel days to and fro Mom and Dad's.

Anyhow, both my runs were really good. Now, on to other things!
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