Sunday, October 22, 2006

A cold and frosty morning

Brrrr! It was all of 26 degrees with a windchill of 19 when I went for my run this morning. I broke out the winter running geat for this first time this season; the thermal shirt, my winter tights, and even my Thinsulate gloves. Even with it being pretty chilly, I love running in weather like this.

I did my full 10k route along the trail in Minnetonka today, and it felt great. I think I have recovered from Des Moines quite nicely, and I am planning to keep doing a "long-ish" run on the weekends in the winter. Nothing too crazy, probably between 6 -8 miles. I have gained a lot this year, and I would like to try and keep a solid fitness base so I will be ready for better and bigger things in 2007.

Yesterday was a busy day of packing and cleaning in preparation for the big move, which is a week and a half away. I got a lot done, and I have made very good progress, and I am starting to get excited about my new place. I worked pretty hard yesterday, but I did take a time out to treat myself to a great burger at the Lions Tap in Eden Prairie (hey, all work and no play makes Jean a dull boy, right?).

Until next time,

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