Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Des Moines notes, and back on the horse

A couple more notes from Des Moines:

-Proof that nothing is sacred anymore: Along Locust Street in downtown Des Moines, there is a plaque on a building denoting a historic site. The place was the Katz Drug Store, and in 1948 it became an early flashpoint in the battle for civil rights. An African-American was refused service at the soda fountain, and it sparked a series of protests and demonstrations against the drug store. The owner was eventually convicted of violating Iowa's civil rights laws. Keep in mind this is long before the heydey of such notable Civil Rights Movement figures as Rosa Parks and MLK, Jr. Anyhow, the reason I even mention this is because this site is now the most historically significant Quiznos Subs location on the planet. Just fabulous.

-Here is an article from the Des Moines Register covering the races. I stuck around for awhile and got to see the women's marathon winner, Robyn Friedman of Lambs Grove, IA, cross the finish line and absolutely demolish the previous course record. I snapped a quick photo as she was coming down the home stretch. She was all smiles. It was very cool!

Robyn Friedman coming home 1st

Anyhow, I went for my first run today since the race, so I am slowly getting back on the horse! It was an easy 4 1/2 miler today. I am still a little tight in some places, but it felt good to get out and run again. I am going to do an every-other-day schedule for a little while to allow for additional rest and recovery.

Until next time,

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