Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In praise of bourbon

When feeling under the weather, most people reach for decongestants, cold medicines, or even cough syrups. Me? I drink whiskey.

OK, that is not my usual cold remedy, but it was last night! I had no cold medications on hand. However, I did have a long forgotten bottle of Baker's 107 proof Kentucky bourbon in the back of the liquor cabinet. It has been sitting there for years in case I needed to thaw out a frozen gas line or start a small fire. :) I figured this had to kill something, so I choked down some Baker's on the rocks.

I must say that my congestion is virtually gone today, and I feel remarkably good. My nose isn't running, and my head isn't stuffed up. I am breathing clearly. Still not sure if I am quite at 100%, but I am infinitely better than I was yesterday. At this rate, I am confident that I will be ready for the weekend.

Of course, all credit shouldn't be given to the bourbon. I did try to take care of myself yesterday, drinking gallons of green tea, and I also made a spicy chicken lo mein stir-fry dish that was full of great ingredients for colds such as garlic, ginger, and chile peppers. So hopefully, this is the end of it and I am on the mend!

I did do a run this afternoon when I got home from work, and that went very well. Brrr, it was cold today; 35 degrees with a howling wind, and I even got to run in the first snow flurries of the season! There were some big, fluffy flakes falling down all around me. I have lived in Minnesota virtually all of my live, yet seeing that first snowfall is always such a foreign, surreal thing! Anyhow, it sure was pretty. And I felt quite fresh on my 4 1/2 miles, so I am feeling much, much better than I have been.

Until next time,

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