Monday, October 30, 2006

Ready to move!

This will my last blog update until I get moved and get my new Internet service up and running, so perhaps you will be hearing from me by next Monday!

There has been a tremendous amount of stuff going on related to the move. I have so many boxes of stuff just waiting to be moved, and I start transporting my things on Wednesday. There are all kinds of appointments this week to turn in cable TV equipment, hook up cable TV equipment, and to receive furniture. Some of my buddies are coming over on Saturday to help me with my big items, and I sincerely hope that by next I will be at least somewhat settled in. As exciting as the prospect of moving is, I am anxious for the week to be over with!

And in between all of that, I hope to get in a few runs. Good grief… :)

Until next week when I am in my new place,

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